How to make white skin naturale

how to make skin nature
nuturale skin
How the skin with the hand and the body's natural body to whiten. are simple tips on how to make your skin and your hands and your body whiter in a natural way, because of the way the skin whitening is considered the sexiest women want beautiful online photo and upload fb looks  information that may be helpful for those who want to know how the skin looks a lot like whiter, here are some hints and tips on how your hands and skin of the body's natural body whiten.How can I move the hand skin and body natural body whiten.How to whiten skin1. you should try is to increase the consumption of salmon and green vegetables like spinach to increase, because the good fats in salmon could make burnt skin cells to regenerate. So even with the vegetables.2. Use a skin moisturizer or lotion to the skin to restore its original state, if required, add baking soda in your bathwater. Then wash burned skin with water. Water relieve the pain of sunburned skin.3. Try  drink vitamin C and vitamin E on a regular basis to ensure the freshness and beauty of your skin to recover. and of course, do not forget to protect your skin with sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, because sunlight is not always good for your skinThere are other suggestions at how to whiten the skin, as follows:1. Show chemicals in the product and the dose if it is safe for the skin or not. If the content of these substances than the dose could prove the damaged skin. For example, the content of hydroquinone excessive skin cancer. Like a fire, a small to a friend, but if the opponent can be.The key is to use whitening products on the basis of certain chemicals must not cross the line for up to three months. Because if this period is over, but will be dependent, the effect would be greater for the skin.It happened because the first task is to break the skin whitening or skin top layer of the skin. Bleaching creams are often used to the black spots in the sun too often. However, if the room is contrary to the sun skin irritation or even black.2. Note the type of product. In practice, the use of blank also depends on the type of skin. If your skin is dry, you should use a form of whitening cream, but if your skin is oily, use bleaching creams.3. For the use of the test on the face, first behind the ear. Since this area shows the same type dermis. Try not in the back of his hand as was amply informed. Since different types of hand skin skin type.4. Choose facial bleach smell or fragrance, for those who are allergic to something.5. Never use bleach chemicals for more than three months. Because after going through the phase, the regeneration or repair of the skin harder.6. The use of products for skin whitening just to the skin blackened by exposure to sunlight or pregnancy (melasma, or color change due to the skin increases) to recover.
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